Sir William Borlase; Its true history

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Pointless background stuff:
Full name:Sir William Borlase's Grammar school.

Location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

Built in 1624.

Pupils: Around 1000

Historical stuff: A skull was once found in a wall in the cloisters

One of the school nurses got sacked over 100 years ago for growing Pot in the herb garden

In 1974, a marquee full of chairs was set alight on Home meadow. The fire engine came to put it out and got stuck in the main gate. If you look closely, you can still see the damage along the edge of the brickwork.

In the late 70's, thiomethanol (the worst known smelling compund) was produced in the science labs. It was then tipped down the drain outside the headmaster's office, and part of the school had to be evacuated due to the smell.

Home meadow, one of the school fields, was originally a hill, and was dug out by hand by pupils during their p.e. lessons

One of the fields is called Colonel's meadow because a horse called colonel was buried in it.

Dangerous experiments, such as making explosives, used to be performed in the long-jump pit.

Other information:
The snobbiest school in Bucks,
Has a tradition called muck up day, when the Sixth form take over. This has led to evacuated classrooms, firework displays, the chapel door being cemented shut, and (this year's) the old clocktower in the cloisters being painted electric pink.As well as this, locusts and a live chicken have been set loose in the school library.
4 of the fake ceilings in the cloisters recently collasped, when they were trying to remove the pidgeon poo.
( one of the worst places in the universe to try and enter in a spaceship, at least if you want to use the main gate.)
Please tell me anything I've missed out.

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