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great job.......

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several, a/k/a random

....in capturing the texture of ronnie ray-gun's presidency and the effect musical giant ray charles had on the world.
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great job.......

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Thank you! smiley - blush All the commentaries on TV almost made the '80s sound like a golden age, although my dad insists it wasn't. All the same, I think I'd rather worry about inflation than terrorism. (Lucky us - if you believe some economists, we'll get to worry about both pretty soon.)

great job.......

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several, a/k/a random

well, america was coming off the debacle of richard nixon as president, followed by jimmy carter in '76-'80 with the hostages (they were released as ronnie was getting sworn in as president) so you could say that the hussains and al-quaidas of the world started getting organized, digging their holes back in the 80's.
and, not surprisingly, the reagans hosted ray charles at at least one White House state dinner-party.
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