Power Ranger Villain Syndrome

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This condition, not limited to villains from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers--but certainly present in them--is where an evil character will send his equally evil minions to destroy a specific city over and over again. Usually this is not a major city such as New York City or Geneva, but is somewhere obscure like Angel Bay, California. In addition to making the curious assumtion that taking over Angel Bay is either a necessary or sufficient condition for world domination, the evil character also always neglects the fact that certain superheroes live in the municipality. Furthermore, the evil entity's intent is never to destroy the heroes--not directly, anyways. Usually some other plan is interrupted by the heros. However, even when the evil one's intent is to destroy the heroes, he seems to miss the point--that with a little travelling down the Pacific coast(not hard for a villian with headquarters in outer space), he could evade the heroes' circle of protection and destroy Los Angeles, more effectively making a case for his domination of the planet.

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