The effects of beer

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It is hard to convey over the internet to the uninitiated just what a good few pints can do to you. This has troubled my sleep for some time, but now I feel I have a way. Friday last, after returning hoime from the pub I set about trying to write an aritcle - god knows why. Anyhow, on re-reading the peice the next morning I realised how well it demonstrates the effect of the amber nectar. See how my usual eloquent and stylish manner of writing was obliterated simply by consuming liquid. Amazing, no.

Well, here it is:

As with so mant of life’s little wondrers, beer could be easilt dismissed as just a thing. You know, something you drink to get bladdered. Yet there is so much more. The variety (which is reporttedly the spice of life) and the slight differences that are found amongst the great collection of beers. Why for example, does french beer simply go in inoe one end and out another? And why is jihnsmith’s bitter so smooth – like irt says on the adbvrt when everything else in life liews like a goddam bi8tch. Eh? Well sonny jim the time has come to edf these thing =s and put right dome facts.. noone likes a ponct beer like heinekan unleess it sreally hot and you is really thirdty in the summer. Then ki guss it’s oi.k. but in all honessy stella artoois is definitely good, no? I mean here in england it’s the best, unlress of curse you can lay youre hands on some red stripe - even better methinks. It gores down eith no aftertase and is realyy good . I think it;’s time what ew wall start tpo take notice and notmjust drink wahtevert is thete for us bur t to br connersuitrs of ouytr drink and to enjoyittothemax - -relax max don’t br stupid, you knowe I love yer .etc

hmmm....draw your own conclusions.

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