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Prisoner of Azkaban film...

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...don't get your hopes up. I'm a big, big fan of the book, and I found the third film to be full of monstrous holes, inexcusable inconsistencies and unnecessary changes (alongside the necessary ones). Came out feeling very angry and disaffected.

Buckbeak's done very well though - really does look like a Hippogriff should. Such a shame about everything else.

Prisoner of Azkaban film...

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Which goes to show that books and films are different sorts of beasts, and what works in one doesn't necessarily work in the other. Chris Columbus got slammed for being too literal and too faithful to the books... smiley - sigh

Oh well, I temd to take things pretty much at face value, so I guess I won't be too upset about this. (A film critic I'm not. smiley - smiley)

Prisoner of Azkaban film...

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I wasn't entirely happy with the first two films, but they were better than the third. I think the second was probably the best of the three.

I dread the fourth one... I shall go and see it in order to see how they manage to pull it off, but compressing that much book into one film is going to take something approaching a miracle. Likewise with the fifth one.

Prisoner of Azkaban film...

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Mu Beta

The thing that kept bugging me throughout the film is how come Malfoy is turning into Gareth from the Office. smiley - erm

I kept expecting Crabbe to set his stapler in jelly.


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