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Is it always the sixth week of pregnancy ? I mean, could this transformation be delayed until, say, one Saturday night after a bottle of wine? I need an answer rather soon...

Scary thought

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Researcher 26442

I stated week six as a very simple guidline, however research has shown that the 'Y' chromosone kicks in between day 36 & day 45 of pregnancy. I think it may take more than a bottle of wine to re-engineer your DNA. Two bottles of a good red wine followed by a couple of brandies can lead to a state of euphoria whereby you can be whatever you want to be, but I can except no responsibilty for the results of this experiment.

Scary thought

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can a foetus change its mind and get its clitoris back??

Scary thought

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

not unless you're prepared to give up that lovely passtime, the pursuit of autofellatio. Because no c**t can give you that.

Scary thought

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So thats why we have nipples then is it?
Bit complicated though, is it not possible for a fetus to start as a man and change to a woman?

Nipples - but no feeling!

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Davcat the Amply Proportioned

Well, we (guys, that is) DID get nipples too, but even though they do erect in the cold (mine do!) they don't seem to have much sensation like female ones do (unfortunately).
As for a clitoris being a female version of a penis - well, this finally proves that size has nothing to do with it. And I mean this most sincerely, folks. (Vulva as scrotum?...hmmm, my imagination doesn't stretch t h a t far)

Nipples - but no feeling!

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Dr. Scott

Well that is just it! Take two vulva, fuse it in the middle, s t r e c h it, and TA TAAA!!! You got yourself a scotum!
As for the nipple thing, it always baffeled me why we got them. As for the sensation, I have to agree with you, her messing with them dosen't do much for me either.

Nipples - but no feeling!

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when my girlfriend sucks on my nipples it drives me up the wall!

Nipples - but no feeling!

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

and more power to you.

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