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Not typical of me - Jedi Apprentice (female)

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Rosa Baggins

I do not know where you get your research from but the women you know must have money to burn and live very frivalous lives.

I dislike shopping greatly as it is an extremely traumatic experience for me. I do not dress up for shopping, I wear clothes which is suitable for the weather. I try to avoid shopping at all costs. I very rarely cry and crying is not that only women do but men do. I never say that I having nothing to wear in my wardrobe as I have other more important worries, concerns and responsibilities like managing money every week, ie I have to get all the week's shopping in on my own without a car, make sure there is enough money to put in my bank, make sure there is enough for emergencies and I do this all one state benefit. BTW I am a carer and I look after elderly infirm parents and disabled sister who live with me at home. I have to make sure that if I do any laundry it is done at night when it is cheaper.

I do not brush my hair before bedtime.
I dislike talking as I am a very shy female. It takes alot of effort me to start a conversation or join in one as I have nothing to say. I love going around picking up spiders and any other types of insects. As for sex - I do not since I am single and I have had only 2 boyfriends. I am very good at keeping secrets because I forgot what has been told to me straight away. I do not go to the toilet with groups of women and I do not gossip as I find that demeaning behaviour and I do not know any gossip. I am not a talker but a listener. I am quite a good map reader and as for cars I have never been in the position to drive one because of a medical condition I have that prohibts me from this activity. I know there various types of beers which include lagers which literally means light beer, bitters, milds and stouts as well as how they are produced. I have only one type of shampoo, very little toliteries in the bathroom, I still do not know how to put cosmetics on. I understand the appeal of sports to men but I rather take part in the sports that I enjoy as be a spectator. I dislike all soaps greatly as they are so mundane. If I want to escape from life's cares I watch sci-fi. I have not got that many clothes to pack if on very rare occassions go away. I love dogs and we had a family dog for at least 11 years. Cats are a very big worry as you would not know where they are at anytime. I greatly dislike using the telephone and only use if I really have to. I do not telephone friends and I find a 5 min converstation an extremely long one. I am not insecure about my body. According to my height which is 5ft I am in range of my ideal weight which is 8 stones. If I fell to 7 stones I would look very skinny. I have never been given a Valentines card and never been on a proper date. I have all of the share of running the household as I am a carer. I don't have a fuzzy toilet seat cover and I always make sure that toilet seat is up. I love in a man a sharp wit, eruditeness and intelligence. I do not go dancing and when I did only on my own, no man has ever asked me a dance. I only spend 15-30 mins getting ready and I never check other women. I have seen anyone wear what I wear and if they did it would not worry me.

May the Light of the Universal Force be with you

Jedi Apprentice

Not typical of me - Jedi Apprentice (female)

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Thank you. After reading this article, I was briefly horrified by the possibilities that 1) People actually thought that all women were like this and 2) that many women were actually like this. smiley - erm
I think this was supposed to be funny, but it was really quite insulting,even more so after reading the guys version, which seemed much more acurate than this one, and managed to remind me why I really wished that I wasn't a girl.

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Not typical of me - Jedi Apprentice (female)

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