A Conversation for Facts About Women

A few corrections!

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I am a woman and..

1. I don't mind wasps or spiders.
2. I can keep secrets
3. All bear DOES taste the same
4. I don't brush my hair before bed
5. I don't dress up to go shopping or any of those other this
6. I would want the truth to the question "how do i look?"
7. Sense of humour is extreamly attractive
8. I have seen straight men dance together, and no they wern't drunk.

Other than that this is really true!

A few corrections!

Post 2


"bear does all taste the same"

says it all really, dunnit?

unless she was talking about meat from large brown grizzlies, in which case it's quite cool and I'm impressed.

But somehow I think she has exemplified your point rather well...

A few corrections!

Post 3


I've got a few corrections too.

I'm female and I HATE shopping, especially sales. Don't even try to get me into Next in January.

Also, I pack extremely light hen I go away anywhere. I've seen blokes who pack more than me for trips. There's nothing wrong with wearing the same thing a couple of times.

I can also go to the loo by myself. (Shocking I know.)

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