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British Mancunion

Nintendo must never be allowed to die. Their continuing fight against the evil of Sony and it's wealth must continue or they will continue to grow into being unstoppable. A scary concept.

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Mike A (snowblind)

Hello I'm the sub-editor that rejected this article *^_^*

Innocent computer-gaming died when the Playstation released. When the SNES went kaput, gaming suddenly changed. Games were no longer innocent, they were marketed by their tarty graphics and coolness factor. Even Nintendo succumbed to this with the N64.
The last game I played that gets marked as an all-time classic in Mario 64. From then on gaming, in my eyes, goes downhill.

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Nintendo is a god, and forever shall be for its development of the SNES. To this day, I still have my SNES and play it regularly. Ah, those were the days of the RPG, and the true glory of Final Fantasy. Sadly, none of my friends see the light, and they blast me for my allegience to Nintendo. May the golden age last forever in our hearts!!!!!

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what about OOT or metroid prime. cant wait for twighlight princess

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and with the introduction of the DS nintendo should rule again. If not for the PSP...and Microsofts plagerism. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4761928.stm

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