"There is no battle in the Library"

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18th February, MM: a trio of Roman Soldiers invade the Libary of the King's School, Chester, and sit down in the computer area. Centurion Tom Redfern takes out 'Warfare in the Ancient world', a paperback version of Ulysees and 'Ageus and the Greek Hero' while Praetorian Harry Swift and Standard Bearer Mattew Jones valiently attempted to repel the attacks of the barbarian Librarian.
A declaration of war by the Librarian was dispelled by the Praetorian saying 'I thought there was a battle in the Library'
'There is not battle in the library', came the stern reply.
'Well, I'll have to leave then'.
The centurion was befuddled by the loss of his comrades-in-arms, but the event passed peacefully.
A full report of the attempted assault was filed to Emperor Punnett, who found his ideas had been expertly executed, when he had believed they would not be.

... just wait for muckup day!

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