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Sub so deep!

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Oh boy! There's some good stuffing coming up, by golly! smiley - smiley

I find it hard to imagine that even the most innocent and doe-eyed newbie would find making their way to the Peer Review page *that* off putting. You make it sound worse than the proverbial trip to Grandma's house... which, incidently, LRRH managed to do on her own.smiley - winkeye

In fact, at h2g2, you even have a choice of routes:

The h2g2 Over-the-meadow route: Go to the front page and click through the links. This is a bit of a chore, I admit, so bookmark the page , once you're there.

The h2g2 Through-the-wood route: replace the end of the URL of the page you have written with PEERREVIEW. Click... And Shazzam!.. you're there.smiley - smiley

Sub so deep!

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Ahh... but the tele-transporter route is so much better.smiley - winkeye One click of the 'submit' button, and you arrive at the Peer Review page, where you are so taken by the standard of entries and totally engrossed that you:

a) forget what you came there for, and spend hours reading potential entries for the edited guide *hmm, isn't that what Mark wanted us to do*

b) realise that your own work is not up to scratch, and go away and work on it some more, or

c) find that despite being relatively new to the wonderful world of h2g2, your have indeed written a worthy piece, which your fellow researchers are waiting eagerly to readsmiley - smiley

I understand why the system was changed, but by allowing researchers (including veterans!) to instantly zap to the Peer Review page, newbies need only be able to write and click, without having to learn the intricacies of the Guide first (which as I recall, took some weeks!)smiley - smiley


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