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Capitalizing "web"

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Capitalizing "web" is incredibly pretentious. I mean, nobody capitalizes Radio, do they? Yet radio is short for "RT" or "Radio Telegraph", just like web is short for "WWW" or "World Wide Web".

I think the whole "capitalize the word 'web'" thing is the fault of the poseurs at "Wired" (which they write in all caps, note) to make the web seem far more important than it really is. It's just another communications medium, like books or telephone or radio, so let's quit this upper-case nonsense.

Capitalizing "web"

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I completely agree... and the same for 'internet'.

Capitalizing "web"

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Mark Moxon

Pretentious or not, we didn't invent the standard. If it helps, the Internet is an example of an internet, and the Web is an example of a web.

Which makes sense to me...

Capitalizing "web"

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But why follow the stupid standard if it's not common usage?

You sound like the BBC, who keep insisting that computer program should be spelt "programme", when even the OED has been revised to reflect the real world.

Or is "computer programme" the H2G2 standard too?

Capitalizing "web"

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The Dancing Tree

'Web' and 'Internet' are in very common usage, particularly the latter. I always assumed the former the be the abbreviate of a name -- the World Wide Web...

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