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The Tables Turned...

To a poet:

Dear Ma'am our attention hath been drawn by a poem wrote last week

But no thanks to you we have landed on our feet.

In our hands we hold the dice.

We roll not once but twice or thrice

The sides they are all sixes, for higher there is not

The odds on you they are not unless the gamblers have lost the plot.

We are the power-gamers, we are high lords,

In our utmost element we may slay the oldest Gods.

We are the overlords on our thrown of gold,

You are the underlings from the young unto the old.

Jests of niceness and of fairness are all good in fun,

To us they mean nothing, we will not hide we do not run.

Power-gamers always, never falter, never change.

You may think you fight for gamers, but power puts you on the stage.

Come join the power-gamers, come join our clan

We may never tell you the details of our plan,

You poor researchers you are fair game!

And yet you think we do live in shame?

Come join the revolution, come join in on the fun.

We never turn victims back at our door.

So come try power gaming, till nothing matters anymore.

Viva la Revolution, Viva la power dream

Go sleep you poor researcher until for your wake we do deem.

You think in fairness you gave reply, but for power we do try,

Freedom is a silly dream, equality we here you scream,

But we say no and no again, equality is a thing in vain.

We shall not yield we shall not fall,

come to us head our call.

Signed Anonymous PG

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