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This page contains the archive for
Mancunian Blues written by The_Jon_M

which have appeared in The Post.

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 Column Subjects
06.05.04 Introduction and Preamble
13.05.04 On the Lack of Open Kebab Shops at 5am Sunday Morning
20.05.04 Oxford Road's King of Music
10.06.04 Kiss of Death?
17.06.04 Not on My Doorstep
24.06.04 Sometimes You Gotta Fly
01.07.04 Travelling Blues
08.07.04 Saturday Night Live
22.07.04 How to make a million �
29.07.04 How to stop binge drinking
05.08.04 Oh well, there goes the neighbourhood
19.08.04 How to make a Million (Part 2) and stop Binge Drinking (Part 2)
26.08.04 Five things I learnt today
09.09.04 Stuff In the City
16.09.04 How Simon Cowell failed to save the world but I love him still
23.09.04 Clouds are Lazy
30.09.04 A Man on a Mission
14.10.04 So, What's New?
21.10.04 I Knew I Forgot Something
28.10.04 In Which The_Jon_m Gets Diverted and Revisits Old Haunts
25.11.04 Gigged Out
02.12.04 In which The_Jon_M has his head, body, feet and car in the clouds
16.12.04 The First Festive Mancunian Blues
13.01.05 Bouncing Bullies
03.02.05 I Was So Much Older Then...
10.02.05 The Review Issue
17.02.05 Kick Idiots out of Football
10.03.05 Love Music - Hate Racism
24.03.05 How to Stop Binge Drinking Mark III and Other Ramblings
14.04.05 When Satire Calls
21.04.05 I Smell
05.05.05 Don't Mention The War
26.05.05 A Welcome To Those From Across The Pond
21.07.05 On the Road Again...
08.12.05 In Exile From Exile
22.12.05 Correction
26.01.06 24 Hour Party People?
06.04.06 The State of Democracy
18.05.06 Music At Last
23.08.07 Tony H Wilson
12.10.09 In which some things get larger
26.10.09 In which Jon Climbs Every Mountain
2.11.09 Zombieland
16.11.09 Nostalgia
30.11.09 10 miles
14.12.09 Crossing Jordan
15.02.10 The GMPTE Bus-driver's Prayer
05.04.10 Kick Ass: A Review
26.04.10 Jilly's
27.02.12 On the Manchester Meet and War with China
03.09.12 The Last Virgin

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