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Memory and it's discontents...

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

There's a joke somewhere about
a movie pill you can take
so you don't actually have
to watch the movie,
but you send in the money
you would have spent and the pain goes away...

Memory and it's discontents...

Post 2


I'd rather have a pill that I could take that'd give me back all the money and time I've wasted going to see crappy films (most British comedies, anything made by Paul Anderson or starring Angelina Jolie, etc)!

Memory and it's discontents...

Post 3

Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Someone suggested an interactive viewing experience
where you could send a jolt into the director or the scriptwriter
if you didn't like the movie.

I am rarely too peeved by having my time wasted by a film.
Even the worst beats watching professional sports.

What peeves me most is really poor research.
As was once said in a discussion in the letter's section
of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine,
instead of having your hero trotting around with an ivory-stocked
elephant gun, why not just say it were an elegant elephant gun and leave it at that.

When movie-makers start getting specific about stuff they know
nothing about, such as the recent spate of diabetic characters,
it really makes them look stupid.

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