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December 12th, 2012, the day the Mayan Calender ended. Three friends sitting in a park smoking their cigerrettes by an upturned charred remains of what could only be called the remnants of a car. There were pools of fire right by them with the pungent smell of burning rubber. The deadly riots were over and everyone was back in their daily grind except these three disillusioned folk.
The sky was dark now despite it being in the middle of the afternoon. Planet X's omnious presence was daunting in its effect.
The three kids (the term is used loosely here considering they're in their mid-twenties) were sitting there enjoying the view. One of them a relatively tall stocky guy was quite obviously disgruntled about something, the other two had accepted their fate but unlike the other 50 million people decided br/to opt out of the suicide option.
"I can't believe this planet X despite the military's attempt which only seeminly slowed it down is still going to cut across our orbit and send us hurtling through space. And everyone's at work or school. What's the point!? They should be out having fun!" The tall, stocky guy with the rugged good looks seemed to alway have an axe to grind about something or other.
"Johnny, but was it not you who flew to the Galapagos a couple of weeks ago and moped whilst Natalie and I were out having fun. Whilst we were building up huge amounts of credit card debts, with the shopping, the mountain climbing, the snowboarding, parasailing, sky-diving and the countless other end of the world activities including plenty of sex. You were just doing nothing. Johnny whilst everyone was rioting and having orgies on the street, pillaging and what-not, this place was chaos within itself. Where were you Johnny, when Natalie and I were trying to control the violence, but it didn't work, but we had fun trying." The reply from the second taller guy snapped at Johnny's strings pushing every button imaginable. The second guy had a certain way of doing that, pushing everyone's buttons, he wasn't particulary good-looking but he held himself well, he had the style of the old filmstars of the 40s and 50s. He held his cigerrette between his forefinger and thumb and flicked it towards the burning wheels of the upturned car. He watched the small explosion that followed after the cigerrette landed, and the puff of smoke that follow. If you looked closely enough you could see the childish delight in his eyes, which he usually hides so well. His friends saw it though.
"Yes I was in the Galapagos, but I had good reason. I was far from moping, I was researching the effects that platet was having on us. And the results have proven to be rather disturbing, even if our planet does not get knocked out of its orbit, the changes in temperature could prove fatal. Since our planet has already been brought closer to the Sun. It'd bring on a heat wave, which could cause another ice age."
"Well, where's the logic in that? Since that in theory would bring us into an extremely hot atmosphere rather than a cold one." Natalie quizically replied.
"Well, the change in temperature would be a couple of degrees, but it would melt the polar ice caps which is cold water bringing it to the centre of the planet. The cold water would make the gulf stream colder (since that has already started flipping the planet's temperature around. Instead of the frigid cold being in the North and South. It'd be at the equator. This would take place in a couple hundred years but it will kill off several species and cause a migration to the North and South for the more temperate climates. The human race would probably be decimated (in the original sense of the word) rather than annihlated but it would still cause some considerable damage to the planet." Johnny was a marne biologist and was obsessed with his work.

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