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The Seagull On The Floor

Stone unmoved

Gathers mud

Restless rain.

smiley - rose

Quiet morning

Sows seed

Pickles and marmalade.

smiley - rose

She drops anchor

When the dish is served

Tired flamingo legs.

smiley - rose

A pillow of feathers>BR/>
On a bed of primrose

Deep electric sleep.

smiley - rose

She loves

Wind and rain

Restless cry of a lost seagull.

smiley - rose

Waves roll

Like huge serpents

Without a net.

smiley - rose

Streets flood

Cars stuck

Endless confusion.

smiley - rose

As she wakes

A door opens

The seagull falls to the floor.

smiley - rose

Dream or real

She loves it

The seagull on the floor.

smiley - rose

Stone moves

Gathers no moss

Rolls like her dream.

smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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