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Let's make a movie!

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eek, have you seen the U.S. tv line up through out this season. The words "hit" and "sitcom" just never mixed. I mean P.U.

Let's make a movie!

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Yea, I was thinking more in terms of blending the two words...I don't watch much tv so I really don't know about it. The only program I try to see is Farscape.

Let's make a movie!

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Theives World was the brainchild of Robert Lynn Asprin. He gathered a bunch of very good writers together (Marion Zimmerman was one... I'm not -sure- (don't have the book handy atm) but I think the list also contained Anne McAffrey and Roger Z., and there were many others) and they all contributed. They shared a setting, each developed one character (or more) which each writer could use providing they kept him/her/it true-to-character, shared a general timeline and they all wrote short stories which fit together as a full-length series. (Kind of like what we're doing in our first two, only these actually made sense. smiley - winkeye) It's a very good book/series, or at least it was, as I haven't read much. I did get a bit lost when the fish-people showed up. smiley - winkeye

Ooh, Afy.. that sounds ominous! smiley - winkeye

If you're trying to learn guitar, trust me.. learn a -song-. It's much easier than trying to memorize the chords. And then get a strap and carry it around with you wherever you go. You'd be amazed at who you'll meet who can and are quite willing to teach you some little thing or other.


Let's make a movie!

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Yeah I watch Farscape too. It has a nice habit of not being too scifi, or too comedy, but instead seems to have a nice mix.

Let's make a movie!

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And two years later the lineup isn't much better, only now, other than sitcoms we have political and war-motivated propaganda and the 'real life' series, which I never did like. smiley - yuk

I'm beginning to think our insane stories would be a refreshing relief from the status quo.

smiley - mouse

Let's make a movie!

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Garius Lupus

Hi Nonnie! I don't have time right now, but I'll be back to look at some of these threads you've continued. smiley - biggrin

Let's make a movie!

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aPerson, An Angelastic (and alliterative) Acronymaniac

H2G2 was so dead for a while, after that time when it was offline... but now the stories are back there are finally new posts all the time! I could waste hours a day on here!

Unfortunately I have a job now and hardly have time for all the other fun stuff that I want to do. But it'll certainly be something to do during my lunch hour when I've run out of email to read, Goon shows etc to listen to, code to write, New Scientist magazines to read, acronyms to write and food to eat. Which does actually happen occasionally. (Well, I never run out of those old British comedy radio shows, but sometimes there's only ten minutes left and the average show lasts about 25 minutes. And sometimes I have five minutes to spare while I'm waiting for Windows to do something - display a window for instance - before I can continue working, so it's good to have something to do if there's any of that 1.6GHz of processing power left to use a web browser)

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