A Conversation for A Dissertation Upon Roast Coffee (UG)

Conspiracy of Grandmothers

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That's almost exactly how I became a coffee drinker! My grandmother gave me a cup of cafe au lait before sending me off to school each day. My teachers always gave good marks, commenting what an alert, attentive little nerd I was. How exceedingly clever of our grandmothers! I do remember the dire and accurate predictions about my growth being stunted, but I don't remember being cautioned about liver spots.

And I agree completely about Starbucks. That strange company over-roasts, that is, burns its coffee beans, which leads to the weird result you describe - consumers suffering under the delusion that coffee is supposed to taste bitter when an earlier generation of coffee drinkers knew that a bitter cup was poorly prepared. Other bizarre effects:

1. The more roasted the coffee bean, the less caffeine. The Starbucks customer drinks many more cups of that expensive brew in order to experience the same efficaciousness a proper cup provides.

2. The Starbucks customer often adds quite a bit of sugar in order to choke down the burnt flavor, or else orders one of those over-priced sugary beverages with the ridiculous names.

3. Real coffee drinkers refer to the company and its concoctions as Char-bucks, Star-yucks, or Star-burnts.

Conspiracy of Grandmothers

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl I remember the old slogan for Melitta Gold coffee in Germany, 'It's especially mild.' And the Germans *love* strong coffee.

How right you are. smiley - smiley And how great grandmothers are.smiley - winkeye

My boss just read the entry, and liked it, but defended himself by saying that that Green Mountain Coffee is really too weak for the size of our coffeepots.smiley - rofl

Conspiracy of Grandmothers

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aka Bel - A87832164

Love your story. smiley - smiley
If memory serves me right, it was at my grandma's that I had me first cup of smiley - coffee. It wasn't all that strong for us kids, there was lots of milk and sugar in it.
I've often wondered about the 'bitter (strong) = good coffee' equation. I first experienced this at my parents in law. Hard to swallow, their brew. Whenever we can, we politely decline my m-i-l's offer of a smiley - coffee

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