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Nicer, eh?

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Lanc - GURU and ACE

1. A brief hostory of time..........by Stephen W. Hawking
2. Einstein's Dreams ...............by Albert Einstein..translated
3. The Quickening ..................by Art Bell
4. The Way Things Aught To Be .... by Rush Limbaugh
5. It doesnt Take a Hero............by H. Norman Schwarzkopf
6. Testing Computer Software .......by Kehm Kainer

sorry I dont have much time for reading....
Truth or Dare

Nicer, eh?

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Martin Harper

At the mo, it'd be Principia Discordia by Malaclypse the Younger, I guess...
Oh and I still like The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart.


Nicer, eh?

Post 83


And ANYTHING by Umberto Eco!!!

Truth rules...

Nicer, eh?

Post 84

Captain John Carter

How about the full unedited version of 'A Stranger in a Strange Land' by Robert A. Heinlein. (Published 1989 I believe after his death, by his wife - I am not sure as I lent my edition to my nephew)

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Nicer, eh?

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Hmmm, I've heard of many new and interesting books here. I'll be sure to go and look for some of them, just as I expect you too.

But top return to the subject - I know, what a weird thing to do on a GUIDE-forum - I think it must be Captain Johns turn to demand ToD!

Nicer, eh?

Post 86


My favourite reading has got to be h2g2 or am I too late for this one.
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Nicer, eh?

Post 87


As long as nobody tries to clear out the H2G2 in order to make way for a new international Web-By-Pass, nobody can be too late.

Carrots rule! (But don't tell the onions...)

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