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I feel all weak, pathetic and useless. Everything I do seems to go wrong... everything I try I don't have the energy for... I can't seem to motivate myself to work.... the world's gone pear-shaped. Do you have any suggestions to help me get a grip on my lifef?

Please help

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This is difficult as you don't tell me about your background.
What is the problem? Not everything you do go wrong, this went right, didn't it?

But for a start, a call for help is a tentive step in the right direction. It is action and action helps you to get somewhere.
And if you are a Guide-researcher, I am sure it isn't all of your life that is totally wasted.

By now it is friday, the weather is what ever you'd like, at least somewhere else in the world. Consider this a good thing.

Then read the late article about lateral thinking - linked under the H2G2 frontpage, and try to see if that is of any help.

After that, get back to me and describe your problem further. Maybe I can help.

Please help

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Okay, so today the world' not as bad as I made out... exaggeration is definitely one of my strong points.
I am a university student, first year... I just had bad exam results (which happily don't count for anything).. and I know I need to do more work, I need to sort out the things that I don't understand, and do my weekly problems, but whenever I try to start doing something that doesn't have to be marked the following day a big surge of apathy overtakes me, and its like... I can't be bothered smiley - sadface
I guess I just need to get a grip on myself, and stop making small small things into mountains too high to climb...
That lateral thinking article is very interesting... I'm going to re-read it now.
Thanks for your timesmiley - smiley

Please help

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I'm just glad to help. I hope you are a bit more happy now.

As for the apathy, here,s a suggestion:
Try to sit down and make a list of the things to do for the next few days.
Then number the items in correspondence to their importance.
Then set a goal of, say, three tasks to do BEFORE EVENING or a set time like that.
Once the tasks have been acomplished, take the day off and give yourself a well-deserved relaxation.
You'll feel much better having accomplished something this day!

Hey, it works for me - when I bother to do it. smiley - winkeye

Please come back again if you need more help.


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