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Passing Phantom Vehicles on Ottawa CIty Highways

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Many rules are not written and passed as law but are understood as common "unwritten laws".

One such rule applies to driving on the 4-lane-in-each-direction highway in Ottawa - The Queensway. Here the speed limit is 100 KM/h. Slow traffic going say 90 should be to the right, and those doing 100 or even 110/120 (pushing the tolerance of the highway patrol) pass on the left, at least according to normal traffic laws.

In Ottawa there apparently are invisible vehicles moving at about 80Km/h in the middle 2 lanes. These cars can only be seen by those driving minivans, or drive japanese cars and wear little hats, earmuffs and have things dangling from their rearview mirrors (I have a theory that getting a CAA sticker may also help bring the onset of this enhanced vision). The drivers enabled with this vision usually drive at 90Kmh, causing them to suddenly change lanes to the far left while the lane they are driving on is blocked by invisible car or cars for as far as the eye can see. As the invisible cars move at 80Km/h, a passing speed of 90 is quite adequate, even if it means cutting in front of the entire passing lane moving at 110.

It is understood that those with the "vision" can see the dangers you can not see, so they are respected. It is safer then to drive in the far left lane and leave the 3 rightmost lanes empty for those who would risk a collision, or willing to drive about 80, keeping an eye out for phantom vehicles.

Passing Phantom Vehicles on Ottawa CIty Highways

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Twophlag Gargleblap - NWO NOW

Do a Guide entry on this, dude. The whole world needs to know.

Passing Phantom Vehicles on Ottawa CIty Highways

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Perhaps to promote OC Transpo!

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