IPR Presents: Three Card Monte and it's relationship to real estate brokerage, or...

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IPR Presents: the Woman who invented
Kitty Lip Balm

There was a time, many years ago, when the world
got it's entertainment mostly from sound. There were people who tried to make
that sound as entertaining as possible, considering the equipment of the time.
Valves and cabinets and cutting arms, magnetic heads and potentiometers...

Excuse me?

Yes. What?

Is there where I'm supposed to deliver the armadillo?

The what?

The armadillo.

No. I don't think so. What would I want with an armadillo?

Well, they are nice and soft and fuzzy...

Armadillos are not soft and fuzzy. They are dry and scaly.. and they can bite. When they are frightened, they roll into balls...

Ah. Well, that's not the sort of armadillo this is. Where are armadillos normally found?

In southern climes...

Ah. Well, that it explains it. This must be a Norwegian or Finnish Armadillo.

Not hardly. There is no such thing as a fuzzy armadillo.

Not even rare ones?

It is an evolutionary impossibility. Their plates of articulated armour are formed, like a Rhino's horn, from bits of fused hair!

So, this then, as you say, couldn't be a defused armadillo?


Well, I've heard of things being defused...

Like bombs and landmines and such, but not an animal!

Ohhhhhh! It's an animal, is it?


I thought it was something you put on your feet and they came in pairs. I must have been thinking of Amontillado! That't it!

How in the world did you get in here? Didn't the security guard say anything to you?

Well, yes, they always do, don't they?

And what did you say back?

I told him I was here to remove the medical waste from the lady's lav...

You lied?

Well, one has to when one carries around one of these.


These. Here.

It's an envelope...

Open it.

With a supoena inside?!

You, mate, have just been served!

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