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You wanted death I gave you death,

You wanted life I gave you life

You wanted drink I gave you water

You wanted food I gave you bread.

I live for your pleasure,

Burn for your desire.

And what do I ask for in return,


Yet what do you give me,

You gave me hatred,

You gave me destruction,

You gave me pain and suffering,

You gave me Death.

And I say what more do you want?

And you say heaven.

And I gave you heaven.

And what do I ask for in return.


Yet what do you give me,


Then you have the audacity to ask for more.

Yet I give because I have hope.

So you finally ask for forgiveness.

So I give you my son,

My flesh, my bones.

And I think maybe you have changed.

But what happens next,

You turn your back on me

And you use my name

To justify intolerance, ignorance, torture, havoc.

You create chaos, then from chaos

You create oppressive regimes.

You discover substances to destroy others

Plus yourself.

You create an anthropomorphic personfication

To explain this devastation

And after this anguish you have put me through

This pure agony which seems to last for eternity.

You then ask me why have I forsaken you,

Why have I allowed evil to happen to you?

I have never forsaken you

You have forsaken me,

You did this to yourself,

I created you; I gave you what you wanted

And I got nothing in return,

Yet I ask for love

But you gave me the opposite

Then when I thought you were willing to show me love,

You stab me in the back

And dragged my name through the dirt

So I inturn stopped watching

Because you have hurt me

And very almost killed me

I am just your creator.

I have no control over you

So the only person you ask about evil,

Is yourself.

You have done this to yourself

Stop pointing fingers and start changing

And maybe I will forgive

But for the moment I leave

And wait for hope.

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