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They are definitely the best place to buy pegs though.

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True enough. A good rule of thumb for a pound-shop purchase is that if it looks non-breakable and doesn't have any working parts, it might just be worth getting - plastic washing-up bowls, dishcloths and the like are usually fairly safe.

My local high street has about 73 pound shops on it. My personal favourite, now sadly out of business, rejoiced under the name of the Kincheap Shop...

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For the kitchen, they are unbeatable - tin openers that don't, fizzy drink can resealers, fridge magnet memo holders and the works.
Our local pound shop has discovered that they can rake the dosh in by selling things that schoolkids want, but are unable to buy in normal shops (penknives, cigarette rolling machines, throwaway lighters etc.). Capitalism's great.

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lee lee

What's a peg?

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Buckets. They're good for them, too. Especially when you get back from the supermarket and suddenly realise you have nowhere to put all the ingredients you've just bought for making your deadly punch except for a grimy old washing-up bowl.

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Martin Pollard

Okay, okay. I take it back. You can be some stuff from pound shops that might be vaguely useful. Just not much.

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Researcher Zaylen

Don't forget the minute gold effect picture frame,suitable for all but the smallest of passport
photo's. These shops will sell anything!
As long as it cost's under a pound.

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

We have the same thing in Australia, only they are called two dollar shops.

The names might be different but it sounds like they sell exactly the same crap over here.

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What's a peg? WHAT'S A PEG? Do you have no clothes? Or do you have clothes and never wash them? Or do you have clothes, wash them, but use a tumble dryer instead of a washing line? Yes, that seems likely. Sorry to have bothered you.

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Terry Rocker

Of course the crap they sell in Australia is much worse than the crap they sell in the UK. LOL.


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Don't forget:

* Grey Imports - global toothpaste and battery brands on special discount because the box isn't in English.

* Almost Brands - Like "Panasony" (I made that one up, but you get the idea). Designed to fool you into thinking you're getting a grey import.

* Cheap plastic toys designed to look just enough not like two year old fads so they won't get sued.

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