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Red Dwarf Film .... blame the time drive.

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Not sure really. I think the film that's being discussed over the boards is the Cinema Movie. Whereas I think you'll find that what Danny John Jules was referring to was possibly the original 'Back In The Red' which I think was planned as a made-for-tv feature length film but never has been released fully. Then they decided to do a series eight and the feature film turned in to a feature length episode. When series eight was being finalised, the feature length episode got split up in to three normal episodes and some extra footage was scripted, filmed and added to help it make sense. Parts of what was missed out when it was split up in to 3 episodes is added back in the Back In The Red XTended version on the new DVD, as is the originally intended feature length version. So basically; The film which was meant to be a film but became an episode which then became three episodes when it was first shown on tv, which then was three episodes, a feature length episode, and an extended feature length episode of the same story when it was released on DVD never became a film in the first place. Phew! glad I managed that in one sentence - and my input/recording device didn't blow up! (unlike listers did when he was trying to explain how they survived after they all were dead because rimmer had recently became capable of touching things now he had a hard-light-drive and mysteriously had a moment of inteligence and had worked out for himself what kryten was trying to say when he blew up, so had ran and grabbed a bazookoid and had gone and blown up the time drive which had previously made it possible for thier future selves to come back, have an argument and kill thier current selves which then hadnt happened because Rimmer saved them all) ...but thats a whole other story.

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Red Dwarf Film .... blame the time drive.

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