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Entry: 'Kes' - A2384598
Author: ShogunAssassin - U612320

This is my part of the world, and this guy can write.
It might not appeal to everybody, but it's cocksure, bloody-minded Yorkshire captured to perfection.

A2384598 - 'Kes'

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It was filmed in Edward Sheerian school, but it was called something else at the time. Thought you'd like to know.

A2384598 - 'Kes'

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Awsome piece of writing! smiley - ok

I love the way the author brings us along for an affectionate revisiting of an old favourite. From the outset I was drawn into the cinema with him (or her!).

And then the second section - terrific extrapolation (or is 'going off at a tangent' more appropriate?)!

Genuine comedy, coming as it so often does from genuine insight into real life.

This is a great piece - difficult to categorise and well worth a spot on the front page of this site - just the kind of thing that underlines the need for an Underguide with a real place at the heart of h2g2!

Thanks for dropping this into the forum, Pin.

Shogun, are you there? Ready for your 15 mins of fame? smiley - biggrin


A2384598 - 'Kes'

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UnderGuide Editors

15 minutes, or more like 7 seven days, coming up smiley - smiley.

Congratulations Shogun Assassin smiley - bubblysmiley - smiley. 'Kes' was indeed picked for the <./>underguide</.>, and will get it's spot on h2g2’s Front Page shortly.

An UnderGuide Gem Polisher will be along. They'll create a UG copy of this to link to from the front page and do any light polishing needed. One thing they will, regrettably, need to do is change a couple of words in the piece in order to get the new copy through h2's profanity filter.

Thankyou for this new gem for the Underguide's shelves.

A2384598 - 'Kes'

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I think there's a rescuable entry here. smiley - smiley


A2384598 - 'Kes'

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SashaQ - happysad

I agree - take out the first paragraph and the speculation and it is a neat review of a subject that is worthy of being in the Edited Guide smiley - ok

A2384598 - 'Kes'

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SashaQ - happysad

In fact, I might just do that...

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