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Team Rocket are the villains on the Nintendo Game Boy game, Pokémon, and the animated TV series of the game. On the Game Boy game they are your enemies. You must defeat them in order to complete the game. On the TV series, you get to see one part of Team Rocket in particular. Their names are Jesse, James and Meowth. Jesse is a beautiful young lady with long, spiky red hair. James is a wimpy young guy with blue hair. Meowth is a talking, cat-like Pokémon. Jesse and James both like poetry. Meowth likes balls of cotton. They are led by their mysterious boss, Giovanni. In the TV series, two other Team Rocket operatives are also seen. They are called Butch and Cassidy. There is an excellent web-site about Team Rocket called Team Rocket UK.Click here to hear Team Rocket's Song!.

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