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House M.D was created by David Shaw and is a medical show that began on American television in 2004. It concerns the activities of a group of Doctors in rinceton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The majority of the action revolves around Doctor Gregory House and his special group of diagnostic specialists as they try and solve strange and intresting cases. Despite cases being the main focus of the action the lives and actions of the charictors are centrel to how the show works and many of the recuring sub-plots.


This section of the Guide entry will deal with the various important characters that populate the world of House M.D. This obviously does not serve as a completely comprehensive list but consists of the main characters.

Doctor Gregory House

A genius Doctor that’s as well known for his diagnostic skills as his acid tongue, Doctor Gregory House can seem quite intimidating. He appears to live in his own little world, paying no attention to rules or regulations, yet always does what he believes is right. Cynical to a fault, his faverate saying is - 'Everybody Lies' - on paper he appears a most unsympathetic character. Yet he is the most interesting of the characters because he is the most complex. His bad temper is often blamed on the chronic pain caused by a leg injury, leading to a rather nasty pain killer addiction. However there are indications that he was always this way – 'I’ve been alienating people since I was three!' - and in an episode entitled "One Day, One Room" the viewer is given an insight into his abusive childhood. Perhaps what makes House quite an indearing charictor is his sharp and ironic sence of humer, infanatly qouteable some of his best lines are refreref to outside the show as ‘House-isms’. Perhaps the most insight can be gained by his relationship with his best friend Wilson.

Wilson and House have an extremely fraught freindship. Wilson constantly stucks up for House but seems to gain very little gratitude or respect for it. Yet they remain good friends, made clearer by the fact they always make fun of each other, and can make each other laugh.

House and Sherlock Holmes - Simmilarities

Both House and Wilson are based on charictors from Sir Arther Connen Doyles Sherlock Holmes series. House is based on Holmes himself – the simmilarity in names serveing as an indicator of this. There are many simmilaritys between the two charictors, the most basic being the simmilarity in names but also the fact they share the same flat number. Both are extremely logical and are capable of solveing cases that most other memmbers of there profession are not – in essence they are both geniouses. This can cause them to become frustrated, or appear rather detached from Humanity. In addition both have an aptitude for music – Holmes plays the Violoin while House plays the piano. Another of the main connections between the charictors is that both struggle with drug adiction. The confrontation between House and a charictor in the second season finalie has a connection to holmes as well – in the credits the charictors name is revealed to be moriarty, the same name as Holmes arch nemisis.

Perhaps though the most obvious simmilarity is the presence of a ‘side-kick’, in the form of Watson for Holmes and Wilson for House.

Wilson and Watson share a few charictoristics, the clearest being simmilarity in name. Both are there to serve as an insight into the lead charictors attitude, and both are meant to be quite the ladies man. The simmilarites between Wilson and Watson are not as deeply rooted as those between House and Holmes.

Doctor James Wilson

Wilson is the head of oncology and often serves as an advisour on some of the more complicated cases, and obviously those involveing cancer. Wilson is nice to a fault, in one episode House questions this niceness and claims 'You beleave that if your nice enough you’ll never have to die'. Despite this wilson continues to be helpful and loyal to his friends, even when this does have a habit of backfireing on him.

Wilsons status as Houses only real friend is tough on him, because he feels responsible for looking after House. His friends continueing Vicodin addiction worries wilson, this is made clear in the first season and becomes a major issue in the third.

Wilson may have severel positive qualities but is far from perfect, his temper can have the habit of getting the better of him. It’s also hinted throughout the series that he is quite a womeniser, having been married three times, so far, in the series run.

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