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The restaurant at the end of the Continuum

'I could just fancy an omelette ...couldn't you fancy an omelette?' 'They don't do omelettes.'

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In an interview, Douglas Adams gave an example of the up to the minute guide to life that he envisaged this earthbound edition of the Hitchhikers Guide could be. It was that of a researcher sitting in a cafe typing up a review of the food, the waitress and the service. H2g2 researchers by the plateful have done just that, or something close to it. This week's Continuum of CAC's entries all revolve around eating places; more and less, and in their own way.

The Bill of Fare:

Here for your delectation is 'Babycakes', a delicious morning coffee of an entry served in a light fluffy pastry with a drizzle of syrup from gscotti , who obviously fell in love with the place. If you're not in the vicinity of New York and cannot call in at Babycakes, read this to the accompaniment of your own smiley - cappuccino and smiley - cupcake.

'...cheese and tomato maybe? With a few herbs maybe...?' 'They don't DO omelettes.'

Next on the menu, served by a cocktail waitress Researcher 129225, 'Peru'll Never Believe It' is a tangy green-leaf-salad-thrown-in-a-Pisco-sours-vinaigrette of a tale. Take a lunch break in Peru for a slice of life with a small helping of sightseeing on the side. It's cheap at the price of a piece of time smiley - winkeye.

 '...mushroom? Ham...? ' 'There are NO omelettes on the menu.'

And to finish, something to whet the appetites of the meat eaters. Sharpen your steak knives, fangs or fingernails for Researcher 26612's 'Restaurants in Nairobi'. Still in touch with your hunter/gatherer roots? This is your red meat dinner served as it comes. (Well, except for the occasional off-menu extra.)

And that's your lot. Don't forget to tip the waiter on the way out.smiley - 2cents

'...ham AND mushroom then?Or...' SPLAT!... 'Alien omelette anyone?'

This week's specials were chalked up on the board by Waz, who picked up the ingredients while grubbing about for the UnderGuide in the undergrowth of h2g2 and the stock room of the Alternative Writing Workshop .

Who took the last wildebeest out of the fridge!? Come on, OWN UP! NOW!

The boilerplate:

And, finally, a saucer of milk and a dish of leftovers to those who have helped, offered help,
almost but not quite assisted but haven't gotten in the way,
and those with alien tracks in their butter and Groucho ashes in their spotted dick.
We wouldn't do it without you.
The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This Michelin one star bistro inspected and rejected

by smiley - smiley - (tonsil revenge)!

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