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Astroboy 69 (aka aardvark mutineer: keeper of heraldic ants)

these are all posted under link titled 'winter jokes', below three separate 'christmas jokes' (various parts) yet all relate to the christian festive period. hrmmph...

but there was once a young polar bear cub who, one frosty northern winter's morn, assailed his mother with the question: mum, am i really a polar bear? to which the reply was forthcoming, yes son, of course you are. but mum, are you sure i am not a grizzly bear? no, son. sure i'm not a sun bear? no, son... go ask your father if you don't believe me.

off he trudged, across the ice, to the white behemoth his father and assailed him most similarly: dad, am i really a polar bear? in a much deeper voice he was answered, of course you are son! but are you sure i am not a black bear or a panda bear? no so, you're a polar bear... but are you sure i'm not a brown bear or a koala bear*? absolutely son, you're a polar bear... look, why are you so unsure about this?? .... 'cause i'm so bloody cold!

[* a koala is, of course, not strictly a bear, but it fits here]

'winter' joke

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Well, yes (except for the last one), but at the time the page was set up I was intending to expand it with more of my collection. That was before the foop, though. The whole page went down for a while.

'winter' joke

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Are they all back yet?


'winter' joke

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I haven't put anything more up this millennia(^hum -- whichever). smiley - winkeye

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