Postcard Challange - Note from an Alien World

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It’s something like a dream, more like a half forgotten memory. I stand underneath a dark red sky, on a world that no human has ever seen before. I’m so far from home, further than anyone has ever been.

It’s amazing here, unlike anything you could possibly imagine. I wish you could see it with your own eyes because words really aren’t enough. They tell you that a picture's worth a thousand words, but in this case it's worth far more.

If only you could see the ocean spread out before me. I write this sitting on a beautiful beach, the pure blue ocean shimmering in the sunset. I’m tempted to stop writing for a second and go peer into the clear, cool water and see what kind of life might exist just below the surface.

I would but I can’t quite bring myself to stand up and disturb the world around me, I have never felt so peaceful. I know this will never reach you, but that doesn’t really matter. I’m writing this to make the world around me seem more solid, more real. Seeing this in front of me, written clearly in my own hand, will help to convince me I haven’t gone crazy.

I hope one day you can see this and know that everything’s O.K. I miss you every day.

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