Pick Pockets

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This is a rough entry right now that will hopefully will jog some advice.

Almost anywhere you travel, terrestrial or interstellar, there are beings willing to help lighten your heavy burden of currency. These beings, who are know to have sticky fingers, are known as Pick Pockets. Some just are bumps in the night, other my try and talk to you.

As in every profession, there are Pick Pockets of variable skills. Those in the top of there vocation will pass by with out your knowing your loss, others may just use intimidation or strong arm methods. Importantly, if you are threatened with violence it is best to only lose your currency and nothing more.

One of the most important thing to do while traveling is don't go where you are not comfortable. If your are approached by an unknown being and asked to follow them some where

  • never go out of a public place.
  • don't go where you are not comfortable
  • write down credit information
  • if someone bumps into you check yourself
  • depending on where you are and what was taken talk to cops Specific Regional (i.e. US talk to cops, Canada)
  • safety in numbers as long as they are your own.

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