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Posted: 4th March 2004


'Still a blank canvas!!'

Those four rather sad words were just written to Shazz after several moments of staring at an empty piece of virtual paper on my computer screen. Why is it that when you are trying to think of something thought provoking and wise to write, all you can think about is absolutely nothing? It must be some sort of defensive mechanism that your body introduces just before your brain melts from over use, but even so it can be jolly annoying. Absolutely nothing leads to the writing of total drivel, and nonsensical pap that only has a use when you realise that reading it will make you rush even quicker to the brilliant articles found below, and will - of course - lead to your greater enjoyment of each carefully written and lovingly crafted piece. So I suppose my moment of absolute nothingness has a use after all and will not, as previously thought by myself lead to my instant dismissal for being a useless [insert most fitting word that you can think of here].

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Greebo T. Cat

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