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What is GuideML?
  • GuideML is the use of tags and code to help you create a page.

  • Do I have to use GuideML?
  • No, you can use plain text on your page, but if you want pictures, boxes or colored text, you have to have GuideML.

  • How do I go from plain text to GuideML?
  • When you click on your edit page, just below the main box you will see two options, plain text and GuideML, choose the GuideML option and click on 'Change style', your main box should now be showing <GUIDE><BODY> and below that </BODY></GUIDE>, most of the GuideML text should be written inbetween the BODY tags.

  • The best place to go for all the GuideML tags, is the GuideML Clinic, but hopefully some of these examples might just help you on your way.

  • For those of you wishing to participate in the Editied Guide, you should note that not all of the examples on this page are considered as approved GuideML. For a full list of all approved GuideML visit Using Approved GuideML in the edited guide.
  • It is always advised that you write GuideML in CAPITALS.
  • GuideML Examples

    <SMILEY TYPE="SMILEY"/> = smiley -
    For the smiley library CLICK HERE

    <PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B4779218"/> =

    For the picture library CLICK HERE

    The <VIEWER/> Tag

    This is basically so I can say Hi! and there's your name, cool hey!!
    ...and you type it in like this...
    This is basically so I can say Hi! <VIEWER/> and there's your name, cool hey!!


    <FONT COLOR="PURPLE">...text...</FOMT>

    <FONT SIZE="+3">...text...</FONT>

    <B>...bold text...</B>

    <I>...Italic text...</I>

    <U>...underlined text...</U>


    ...centered text...
    *This tag can be used to center anything, not just text.

    Now you can put all of these elements together to produce the example below.

    <FONT COLOR="purple" size="+3">





    As you can see, creates a new paragraph.

    New Lines
    This creates a new line of text.

    Horizotal lines
    Just use <HR/>, as you can see I have enough examples of it on this page.

    tables and boxes

    <TABLE BORDER="4" ALIGN="center" BGCOLOR="white" WIDTH="100%">
    Produces this -


    <TABLE BORDER="1" ALIGN="center" BGCOLOR="white" WIDTH="575">
    <TD ALIGN="center" WIDTH="60%">
    <TD ALIGN="center" WIDTH="40%">



    There are many different kinds of links like the one that you may have just used to get into this page, you can link to other pages on H2G2, guide entries, forums, conversations and even external internet pages.

    PLEASE NOTE: That digibox users can only link to bbci related pages and other H2G2 pages, you will not be able to access outside internet providers.

    Examples Of Links

    The first example is for the link used to get to this page, this page is known as a guide entry, each entry has it's very own unique number, usually found at the top right hand side of the page, it is the number beginning with the letter A

  • <LINK H2G2="A2276002">
  • The next link, is the one that takes you directly to another researchers home page, each researcher has his or her very own researcher number, again it should be located at the top right hand side of a researchers page.

  • <LINK BIO="U541442">
  • There is also another example of this link.

  • <LINK BIO="U541442"/>U541442

  • As you can see this gives you the researchers chosen name, and should that researcher decide to change their name, the link will automatically change aswell.

    Another type of link is to an external internet page or URL's, you use this example to link to either a bbci page or outside URL. Digibox users will only be able to link to BBCi pages.

  • <LINK HREF="">...text...</LINK>

  • This particular link takes you to the Cult Buffy pages, but there are many other BBCi pages for you to link to. However, as a digibox user, you may need some help from someone with a computer to find out the addresses.

    There are also links that you can use in conversations and plain text pages, these are known as Named Entries, you can find out more about these by clicking HERE

    Drop-down boxes

    These can be used for many reasons, but they are mainly used if you have quite a large number of links that you would like to keep in a small space, or even as a friends list.

  • <ITEM-LIST NAME="dropdown1">
    <ITEM BIO="U541442">...example1...
    <ITEM H2G2="A2276002">..example2..
    <ITEM HREF="">
  • There are also Volunteer group drop-down boxes, this helps to make it easier for people to find Aces, Gurus, community artists and other volunteers on H2G2.


  • There are many other examples of GuideML tags, but it was never my intention to do all of them, just to help you with, what I consider as the basics to get you started, for a full list of GuideML tags, visit the GuideML Clinic.

    I hope that you have found this page helpful and if you need any help with understanding GuideML, either leave me a message or ask your Aces

    Good luck, and have fun
    smiley - The_Xand

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