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- We don't use first-person references in Edited Entries, so sections where the test had 'This is the best I have ever seen' should really appear as 'the best that this researcher has ever seen'.

- Edited Entries use single inverted commas 'thus', partly to keep double quotes for GuideML and partly because it looks nicer.

- and we *never* use smileys in Edited Entries.

- Other style issues are that when referring to a specific century, it should read appear as 17th Century (note the capital letter there) and that with numbers, one to ten appear as words but above that should be numerical - so '15', not 'fifteen'.

- Final paragraph. A nice alternative to the 'This researcher' thing is to use blockquotes. So if a paragraph might appear better if written in the first person, you can but a
and a tag at the beginning and a and
at the end.

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