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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

So Jimi, are you from Jumonville? How do you know so much about it? Is it near any larger cities we might have heard of?

Congrats on your recent Penn. articles getting accepted, btw!


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Jimi X

Jumonville is south of Pittsburgh and due south of a small town called 'Uniontown'. It is sort of in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of southwestern Penna. My father grew up in Uniontown and when I was a kid we'd go back to visit family and tromp around in the mountains.

Now that I'm a parent, I take my kids out west and do the same thing, except most of the relations have died off. It's a really historic area. Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is located 15 minutes from Jumonville (entry coming soon!).

It's a great part of the state!

Thansk for the read and the congrats!! Sorry it took me so long to find your post! smiley - sadface TPTB *really* need to fix this little flaw. (though I could do what you have done with the forum at the bottom for comments! smiley - winkeye

- X


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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Posting a comment forum has worked reasonably well - I do it with everything I write. But it still doesn't help when someone starts a new conversation. I hope this gets fixed after the new year......


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Jimi X

They keep saying it's high on the 'To Do' list.... smiley - winkeye

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