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She was sitting up on a tree’s favored branch with respectable distance from the ground.

Not only was a safe place to be but also gave her a most beautiful Vista
while she was gathering useful information with her bird eyes.

The most pleasant object in the entire landscape was the nearby standing birdfeeder.
It was always busy when there was food served in selective portions
as the different birds required it. Though stealing from each other from the different shape
feeders was common custom.

Blue bird’s report tells you about the happenings day by day.
“There is a pair of doves” she says “ I know them for years because they are permanent residents
summer-winter they are always here. “The male dove name is DAY, and the female’s is NIGHT.”
Faithful to each other as Day and Night.
Day being bigger and stronger is the defender of the territory and he is very aggressive.
Usually they sit on the edge of the feeder even they are well fed.

Some times when a big flock of Starling or Grackles come they have to give up the seat.
But no way would Day let other doves to eat. Night even said to him: “ Day you are called by the humans
a symbol of peace because you belong to the pigeon’s Family and you are ruthless and cruel to the other doves
even when your belly is full”. Day said nothing, because the symbol of Peace was invented by humans - he thought- who
really don’t know much about pigeons even less about Peace”

But eating, drinking and defending territory did not full fill Day and Night loving life. By Nature Day in spring got some flare ups from his hormones to have sex with Night.
When Night was grazing on the ground or wanted to get a sip of water, Day dressed up in his best feathers tried to reach Night for a little amorous “play”/

Aha! Who is smarter now? They had children last year and Night had no intention to increase the number of doves when
there were just too many around.. Day was chasing Night around and a round till he was out of breath. Night turned around and said to him:” You just cannot think Day. The sex stuff blocks your brain. You just cannot think. Fortunately Nature gave me brain I can think with and not to loose it as you do.”
I am Blue bird also a female like Night, and I am not a feminist. But the way I see it: Females have more control over the population and more ability to create a happylife.______________________________
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You are certainly welcome to make a comment about the "lower" animals control over their lifes and on the other side of the human overpopulation resulting in poverty, suffering and diseases.

Sorry about the "inconvenient truth" for covering up the CENTER of the many problems. Only few sources want to deal with the cor where the origin is of the problemes on this Earth with limited space and resources.
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