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Good morning,

May I make an appointment

To speak to the Almighty

For a few moments, please?

No, no a return trip

Too many responsibilities here

To stay too long,

Childminders cost quite a bit.

Fine, 11.00am Tuesday.

No, I won't be late

I look forward to meeting Him

- oh and you, too, Gabriel

Hallo, I'm here for the

Eleven o' clock appointment.

Through here? Thanks.

And it's first on the left?


Thank you for seeing me Lord,

I guess you're really busy

Running the Universe,

I'll get to the point

It's not too difficult for me

To accept the situation I'm in

And to try and trust that it's

All part of a Higher Plan

That's beyond my understanding

But is it so very wrong

For me not to like it?

What d'you mean, time's up?

You haven't replied yet.

Oh, I see. I only asked

To speak to you. I forgot to

Mention I'd like to've heard your reply, too

smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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