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A note to consider when you decided it is time to leave Bangkok. You can book cheap minibuses in Kao San Road (from any of the travel agencys of in you hostel) to take you to the airport. This is great just remember it takes a while to get there with the ever present gridlock (2 hours ish the last time I when). However, more important than allowing for time breathing in you last Thai fumes is actually getting on the Bus. Make sure you don't rely on you Hostle staff to wake you up at 6am. They will probably be ingrossed in some early morning run of the latest hollywood bootleg video and completely forget to give you a wakeup call as reqested. You'll end up with a knock on the door at exactly 5.59am (just as the bus is due to leave), 1 hour later than you asked for! So you'll end up running down the road with your backpack stuffed full of everything you could see in your room, including the bedsheets(you don't want to forget you specail backpackers bum bag), carrying your shoes in your hands.
Luckily for me the bus was a little late and I got my flight to Hong Kong okay, but I never did find that blue sock or the extra strong Mosquito spray.

I wrote the above in response to the following article on Backpacking in Bangkok

An addition to this is on my last visit (only 6 weeks ago) I decided, after the above experience to get a taxi, pricey (250 Baht) but you can just wave one and haggle. It was still slow but we where travelling at a better time of day and we had A/C. On getting to the airport we disembarked and went to check-in stress free. 10 minutes later our taxi driver came back with a bag containing my shoes which I'd left in the boot of his cab. I couldn't believe it, he went to all the trouble of finding us in the airport and delivering the shoes! There is a moral there somewhere I'm sure.

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