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Bluebottle asked us to add some information which he found out about after this article was written.

In order to not meddle with the original article, we've decided to add it here. It's an addition to the paragraph 'The Mummer's Play', right at the bottom, before the following paragraph 'Father Christmas' and goes as follows:

The Mummers Play later evolved into a play called "The Christmas Boys' Play", which consisted of 7 or more characters:

* King George
* The Noble Captain
* The Valiant Soldier
* Father Christmas - dressed in a "John Bull (A personification of Great Britain and England especially. He is usually depicted as a stout, middle-aged yeoman who is cheeful, sensible and fond of a good beer.)" manner wearing a Union Flag waistcoat, riding breaches and a top hat.
* Mother Christmas - dressed in traditional English farm garb
* Gurthead & Blunder - a comic character who was a traditional country bumpkin ("Gurthead" was a traditional Island name for a bumpkin.)
* The Doctor, or Doctor Good – a magician as much as physician who would restore the dead characters to life.

Even after the Christmas Boys' Play had died out by the late Nineteenth Century, part of it remained. The Doctor's speech from the Christmas Boys' Play, even after the tradition of performing the play had long died out, was still heard in Shanklin's schools' playgrounds as a skipping rhyme into the 1920s:

'Ere be I, ol' Doctor Good
And in my hands lies that man's blood
And if he'd been dead six weeks or more
To him, his life, I could restore.
I got a little bottle in my backside waistcoat pocket
Called "Oakum Smokum allicopainy"
And if I puts a little drop on this man's cheek
He'll rise and boldly fight againy."

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Ah - but this isn't the original version anyway - it was updated once with more information the second year it was in smiley - thepost, which is why this version is longer and more detailed than the one in the edited guide.


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