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Tossing in a few more.

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KVUGNG, The Space Viking

USB, An American stinging insect that makes honey.
Templates, Paper plates.
Windows Explorer, Peeping Tom.
Tab, A brand of diet soda.
Surge Protector, Person who stops you from drinking that 12th can of Surge.
Static RAM, Male sheep with bits of paper stuck to its wool.
Shell, A brand of petrol or gasoline.
Search Engine, What the cops do after they find contraband in your car boot or trunk.
Register, Device used at shops for ringing up purchases.
PROM, A dance for 12th grade students.
Common Object Model, Miniature copies of everyday items that you assemble from kits.
Lag, A type of bolt.
Visual BASIC, Watching someone have a violent reaction from drinking too much Bay rum.
Vacuum Tube, Pipes used to suck dirt up off the floor.
Switch, What you do when you don't like the program on the TV channel you're watching.
Swap File, Exchanging abrading tools with your co-worker.
Virtual RAM, A holographic male sheep.
RAM Charger, A model of 1960's Chrysler automobile.
RAM Doubler, Cloning machine for male sheep.
Athlon, Saying "Ask Lon." with a lisp.
Mass Storage, Where the Vicar keeps his sermons.
EEPROM, Dance for Electrical Engineering students.
AppleShare, Cutting a fruit into two or more bits.
CAD, A sleazy fellow who dates several women at the same time.
WAN, Past tense of won.
NIC, What often happens while shaving.
BIOS, Operating system for people who swing both ways.
SyQuest, A depressing adventure.
Sound Card, A card that is not about to fall to bits.
Sound Board, Part of a piano that amplifies the music.
Video Board, Committie that votes on what programs are shown on TV.
Case, What you hope the prosecution hasn't got against you.
Case, A brand of farm tractor.
Printer, A person who can't write in cursive.
Logitech, A computer tech that actually makes sense.
Volume Lable, The word under the knob that controls the sound level.
Backslash, What you get from your girlfriend's fingernails when you're good in bed.
ICQ, A chilled letter Q.
MSN, What something is when you can't find it.
Program, In favor of the Metric System.
DSL, Truck fuel.
ROM, "The Space Knight" a comic book character from the 1970's.
Protocol, Person you bring in after you've botched things up.
Brackets [], Things that hold shelves to the wall.
Serial Number, UPC code on the box of cornflakes.
Escape Key, Device that unlocks a cell door.
Backspace, The area of your back you can't reach to scratch.

Tossing in a few more.

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Zak T Duck

Many thanks, I've just added them to the page (with a few more of my own).

Tossing in a few more.

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Where do you get all these ideas from? smiley - smiley

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