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Bluey, has to be up there somewhere. The Oz copper who was the antipidean answer to The Sweeney, even at his weight he could catch Alan Wells, if hed broke the law or not. And Bluey had a fighting art all of his own, after he caught up with a crim (and he always caught up with them dont make the mistake he didnt)he'd give them a hiding. This usually involved the crim being behind a corner, where the viewer couldnt see him (most probably to save the viewer from the sight of blood & gore) and Bluey throwing punches at the crim. The genius being we could see Bluey throwing the punches but hardly ever seen them land on his victim, sorry suspect. It is a great director who lets the audience fill in the blanks, while Bluey would be filling in the supect. I wonder if Lucky Grills, who played Bluey is still going. I bet its because of real tough guys like Lucky, wimps like Mel & Russel buggered right out of Oz to somewhere safe like USA.

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The best solo 'tec on UK TV for me would be David Yip as "The Chinese Detective". Problem is, I was v. young when I saw it and there ain't much info on it on t'internet. Groundbreaking in it's time - now mostly forgotten.

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