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I Wonna Join

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Code name: Water Moccasin

Remarks for the guild: Its been my experience that joining an organization like this does not buy one immunity from the membership, but instead increases one's hazard. It has also been my experience that the organization usually suffers worse than I do.

I take a part of my inspiration from a master of Aikido who began a bout vs 20 assailants in lotus seat and finished without having moved from lotus seat, having defeated all of his enemies.

I have many enemies who have sworn undying vengeance.

Remarks for Bill:

I am not sorry, given the circumstances, for having roughed up his appointed representative during that late 1990s encounter and having hit him with that five pressure points routine I learned from a sacerdotal Hindu temple guard. As for the dart gun wound I sustained, just one more scar to exhibit. I'm sure, given the actions since, and especially since 2004, he must understand. As a matter of fact, I owe him and his delegate from the subsequent contact at the Library a most humble and sincere apology and a vote of thanks with similar sentiments on the discretion of his observers over the years.

I'm sure he must be aware that I have a very difficult and precarious social and political situation at best, unresolved ethnic, religious and political confusions from the middle 1990s he has already taken a hand in, on whom I still owe some loyalties in association of yet another group I've been alluding to under the phrase "smoke gets in your eyes". It is the latter who will determine resolution on these issues and to these I owe loyalties on a par with those I owe Bill.

Troubled and difficult times lie ahead.

So I will swear loyalty to Bill.

I Wonna Join

Post 82

Persephone - Creator of the best typos around!

Codename: smiley - geeksmiley - spider

And swear by your sword, loyality to Bill.

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