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Entry: Roguelike games - A2089235
Author: Ekaterin - U239615

Hi, I was rather surprised at the lack of information on roguelike games in the Edited Guide, and thought I'd try to fix it. (I plan to try and get separate articles on at least Nethack, Slash'EM and ADOM in there as well, if that's okay.)

However, as there are lots and lots of roguelikes I've never played, I think I'll need some help. E.g. Dungeon Crawl is missing from the family tree because I don't know where it would fit.

I think it would also be nice to talk about the features that some but not all roguelikes have, and which roguelike they originated with. For example, was Nethack the first game to have pets, or were they already there in Hack?

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Writing Workshop: A2089235 - Roguelike games

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