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oh lordy- someone save me from myself...

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oh goodness--- Ive done it this time...Im attempting to start a "club" thing for David Dickinson, object d' art off bbc' s Bargain Hunt, and Im in toooo deeeep, curse you addiction to h2g2! curse you I say! can anyone offer any help, on either the h2g2 addiction or my total lack of knowledge on how to set up and sustain a fan club thing? I' l give anyone who helps a smiley - rose and some smiley - bubbly

oh lordy- someone save me from myself...

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Ooh smiley - bubblysmiley - bigeyes

Generally, people set up a club and mention it to the folks they already know around h2g2 and also advertise it in their nickname (eg give the name of the club and the page number - A706943). You can also go and get it added to the Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to h2g2 Clubs, now at A626069

As for the addiction, we can always help with that... how much more would you like?smiley - winkeye


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oh lordy- someone save me from myself...

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