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oh deary me...

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oh lordy- it seems to me i have become addicted to h2g2- and on a shoogly link too- tragically I can still get booted out of here for hours on end, nay- days on end smiley - blue and like other addictions im only happy when partaking... woe is me! hey- I feel better after that mini- moan! but then thats only because im partaking- look at me, brain the size of a planet...anyhoo while im here- hello to everyone, and another beeeg thankyou to the senor roberto who sneeeaked me in here smiley - wah hes a star! oh, bye the way if you fancy a gab- yez know where me page is smiley - tea and smiley - cupcake is on me smiley - winkeyesmiley - fishsmiley - hsifsmiley - fairy

oh deary me...

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Hulloo thar... glad you could drop by.smiley - biggrin Welcome to the Addiction Clinic.smiley - cdoublesmiley - flyhismiley - online2longsmiley - bigeyes

The good Doctor Munchkin is our resident psychotic... er... psychiatric adviser, and employs the most smiley - erm interesting methods of dealing with h2g2 addiction. In fact, I'm sure it's about time the h2g2Post interviewed him or gave him a weekly column to doctor the masses...smiley - yikes

Meanwhile, make yourself comfy on the couch. smiley - tea? smiley - fish?

*Sus takes out a notebook and pen*

So tell me... when did you first suspect that you had become an addict?

*smiles reassuringly*

oh deary me...

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ooooooh thank ye kindly! smiley - hsif please... well lets see...I think this addiction started the first time i wriggled in here- being immediately struck by the utter... cuddliness of the whole darned shebang ( cue for a smiley... and then disaster struck... i was unable to beat the telewest bootings and i suffered a mini breakdown (more commonly know as a hissy fit/ and or sulk) this is when i realised my true goal in life... to lurk about h2g2 as many hours a day as poss. which has turned me into a social misfit- not that this really matters- im almost a hermit anyway-gosh youre so understanding! the raw fish is giving me boundless energy! i might go and get you and me some smiley - tea now where did I see that KLIX machine- or can I get you something stronger? thanks smiley - doctorsmiley - cuddle

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