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Cold Turkey over....

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Demon Drawer

...was starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms. It's good to be back.

Is my old room still available? smiley - winkeye

Cold Turkey over....

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I'd steer clear of that cold turkey anyway if I were you... Sam and Ella have been at it.smiley - winkeye

*makes up a bed for DD, and gets his favourite white jacket (the one with the delicate rear-fastening motif) out of the cupboard*

You get settled in and I'll just go and rustle up some decent vegetarian grub...

smiley - ufo

Cold Turkey over....

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Another slice of cold turkey?smiley - holly

smiley - winkeye

Cold Turkey over....

Post 4

fords - number 1 all over heaven

Ummm, what do veggies get as we can't have cold turkey....? smiley - winkeye

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