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Swiv's Idea of a University

Well, Reading Week has come and gone, without much reading being done. I'm now counting down the days to the Christmas break, when I can go home and sleep to my heart's content, and make mince pies and play with the dog, and sleep some more.

Still, to make you all impressed, I am half way through my essay on the aftermath of Caesar's assassination. This isn't due in until the 12th December. Admittedly I have another essay due in by the 19th, and I want to get myself ahead of my rush, but I think that's quite good going.

I had a good time in the Big Smoke. I'm now pretty much broke. Do people really need Christmas presents? I'm thinking of going back to making everyone desk tidies out of loo rolls and matchboxes. It's possible that I shouldn't have bought Christopher Lee's autobiography. It's not really like I need more books – I already have to read about 2 a week this year to get through them all – but he was there signing them, so I succumbed.

St Andrews was wonderfully empty over the week – my Hall was nearly empty. Now of course, everyone is back, rampaging around (I'm sure a herd of elephants live above me), realising how much work they have still to do. I have two essays and 5 gobbets to write. And that's an easy load. One of my friends has to write 18,000 words over the course of the next three and a half weeks – a dissertation and three essays.

With everyone having been away over the course of the last week all university news seems to have stopped. There's a nice new bug going around (I don't think I started it) which is reducing classes to hacking, sniffling wrecks.

I've decided to opt out of a trip to the Hall ball – well someone's got to, there are only 140 tickets and 180 people in Hall. Very good planning there. Our Social Rep decided that he didn't like two of the hotels in town that are primary ball locations, and things were left too late to book anywhere else on for Friday or Saturday night. So the ball will be at a small hotel in Leuchars – a nice 15 minute bus journey away – which can't hold everyone, and we won't be getting the free tickets we were promised out of our hall subs. Lovely.

Tonight is the 'Love, Actually' Scottish Premiere. So at some point a bit later I've got to 'prettify' myself, put on the dress and sandals, and head out. Seems a bit weird to be dressing up to go to the cinema. However, at least I don't really need to spend a long time doing it. There's certainly not going to be any 'What shall I wear decision' – I have only two dresses and one pair of party shoes, I just have to work out what accessories to dig out. Compared to some people I know, I get the feeling I'm just not taking this seriously enough…

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