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Has anyone ever noticed that we have alot of random acts of " violence " in this world??
I am interested in hearing the other side of this strange behavior called Random Acts of " Kindness ". Well what do you mean ? you ask?...
Take this as an example, A person in a grocery store has a cart full of items and two screaming kids . This person look's like they have had a pretty rough day. They get to the check out counter to discover that they left their money,i.e atm card,credit card, paper money at home that is an hour away. The person starts to cry from all of the stress.
I kind individual see's this and hands the cashier their credit card and say's," here this one is on me today." And merely waits for the cashier to fininsh the transaction and says" Have a great evening" and walks away.

Does anyone have anyother stories such as this? I'd love to read them.

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